Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a personalized wooden plaque?
A personalized wooden plaque is a small piece of selected beechwood, on which a word of your choice is embossed. The plaque dimensions are carefully chosen to follow the Golden Ratio for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
How can I order a personalized wooden plaque?
You can easily order a personalized wooden plaque directly from our website. Simply choose your preferred word to be embossed on the plaque and complete the checkout process.
What is the delivery time for my order?
Delivery times can vary based on location and shipping options chosen during checkout. Once your order is shipped, we'll provide an estimated delivery date.
What is your return policy?
Due to the personalized nature of our wooden plaques, we can't accept returns unless there's a defect in the product. If you receive a damaged or defective plaque, please contact us immediately.
How are the wooden plaques made?
Our plaques are a blend of machine precision and manual finishing. Each plaque starts with machine embossing for precision, followed by hand finishing to ensure quality.
What type of wood do you use for the plaques?
We use selected beechwood for our plaques. Beechwood is a durable hardwood with a fine grain, and it develops a warm hue over time.
Can I choose any word for the plaque?
Yes, you can choose any single word for the plaque. The chosen word will be embossed onto the plaque.
What are the dimensions of the plaques?
Our plaques measure 150mm in length and 92mm in width, adhering to the Golden Ratio. They have a depth of 18mm.
Will my actual plaque look exactly like the one I see in the online tool?
Our online customization tool is designed to give you a visual representation of your personalized wooden plaque. However, due to the unique nature of each piece of wood and the customization process, there may be instances where the actual plaque cannot exactly match the output of the tool. In such cases, we will contact you via email before starting the work to discuss the situation and find the best possible solution.