Personalized Wooden Plaques

We specialize in carefully embossing your chosen word into small pieces of wood, creating a tactile plaque that's simple, yet powerfully personal. Whether it's a name or a meaningful word that holds significance for you, our custom embossed wooden pieces allow you to keep that word close. Choose your word and let us etch it into wood, creating a Plaque that is as unique and individual as your story.


Hand-Finished Wooden Plaques

A balance of high-tech precision with the charm of hand finishing. Our process starts with machines, carefully carving your chosen word into the wood with impressive accuracy. We then add the final touch to ensure it meets our standards. This combination of technology and manual work results in plaques that are simple, authentic, and truly personal.

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Selected beechwood

A Material of Elegance and Durability

Our personalized plaques aren't just about precision and craftsmanship, but also about the quality of material. We use selected beechwood, known for its durability, fine grain, and the warm hue it develops over time. This hardwood has long been appreciated by craftsmen for its strength and versatility, making it an excellent choice for our plaques. The beechwood's natural charm accentuates each carved word, creating a beautiful contrast and adding a layer of sophistication. With our plaques, you aren't just getting a personalized memento, but also a piece of nature - timeless, robust, and filled with character.

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Golden Ratio Wooden Plaques

Harmonious Dimensions

Every element of our wooden plaques is thoughtfully considered, even down to their dimensions. Measuring 150mm in length and 92mm in width, our plaques adhere to the Golden Ratio (approximately 1.618), a proportion found in nature and celebrated in art and design for its pleasing aesthetics. At a depth of 18mm, they are solid and robust, yet perfectly sized to fit comfortably in your hand or to stand out as a beautiful decoration.

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Create your own Plaque today

Use our interactive tool to create your personal Plaque. Choose your word, font, size, position, and we'll do the rest.